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For more than 20 years, Planet EDU has provided end-to-end examination management services for paper-based and computer-delivered exams that are ISO 9001:2003 certified.

We use technology solutions and applications for examination management, operations, budgets, securing printing & dispatch, registration, fraud detection, imposter mitigation, marking, recruitment & management and more.

We also offer academic support for examinees and exam preparation centres, including content development.

We use creative ways to promote & support the examination and help build a strong marketing, sales, and network development plan.

Our services can be classified as under:

Promotion, Marketing & Sales

We provide full-range, one-stop services for Promotion, Sales & Marketing to our clients.

Our services are customised and what makes us special is our understanding of the education segment and our network with Schools, Colleges, Universities, Private training centres and Test prep centres.

Some of the key services offered include:

  • 24×7 managed customer service centre.

  • Awards and Recognition programmes.

  • B2b & D2c Sales strategy and implementation.

  • Brand-building activities, including Press & Media management.

  • Digital media marketing.

  • Events, Activities and Championships (B2b & D2c).

  • Exam booking network development and support.

  • Marketing analytics and recommendations.

  • Objective-driven strategic planning and implementation.

  • Promotional and Informational Video development.

  • Referral marketing.

  • Social media marketing.

  • Sponsored and hosted information webinars with experts.

  • Trained & Certified Examiners, Assessors and Monitors.

  • Website and Mobile App development with multi-currency fee collection gateway.

Pre-exam Services

We offer comprehensive pre-exam services that include the following:

  • Venue identification and booking (for paper-based exams).

  • Exam registration through the automated Call centre, WhatsApp, Web & Mobile application with a multi-currency payment facility.

  • Customised portal for bulk registration by preparation institutes and training providers.

  • Staff identification, training and managing (including invigilators, exam-day supervisors, and on-site support staff)

  • Staff allocation and movement planning linked to location and travel economies.

  • Secure Printing (in-house), Packing and Distribution of exam material.

  • Advanced malpractice potential analytics linked to AI-driven registration and scoring patterns.

Exam-day Services

On the day of the exam, we provide complete on-site, venue and exam administration services, including:

  • Venue set-up with necessary lights, furniture (including customised furniture), and audio-video setup (including individual headphones for the audio-based module).

  • Test day registration with on-site photo, biometric scans and other security features.

  • Paper-based exam administration.

  • Computer-delivered exam administration, including a secure platform for test delivery.

  • Face-to-face or Video based secure Speaking / Oral test administration.

  • Handling and management of secure exam material.

  • Exam day QC Audits (announced and surprise checks).

  • Trained and certified exam day staff, Examiners, Assessors, Monitors, Auditors, Invigilators, and others.

Post-exam Services

We take care of complete post-exam services, including services to examinees, marking and processing of results, and post-results services. Some of the key services include

  • Return of post-exam secure material to the centralised location.

  • Centralised marking and Results processing.

  • On-screen marking for written submissions.

  • Post-exam enquiry on results and re-marking services.

  • Data analytics-based custom information & reports.

  • Secure storage of exam material, including examinee response sheets (for paper-based exams).

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