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Online exam delivery with live proctoring on any device

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We offer our proprietary exam delivery and management module under the brand name ‘Future Exams’, which can be used for computer-based, Internet, and paper-based delivery.

Future Exams is the world’s most modern and relevant exam management solution that is AI-driven, enabling clients to create personalised and adaptive exams.

Some of the key features of Future Exams include:

  • Deliver exam via Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Create Linear or Adaptive exams.
  • Create and manage a question bank with multiple question-level assignments.
  • Create and Manage Versions for Paper-based exam creation.
  • Print linear but randomised question papers for the paper-based exam
  • Define parameters for the adaptive exam.
  • Automated marking with custom-defined criteria.
  • Video-based Oral Interview / Speaking component of the exam.
  • On-screen marking for any Written component of the exam.
  • Human proctoring or AI-driven automated proctoring.
  • Multi-level analytics and reporting.
  • Back-end exam centre management module.

Our solutions can be customised to suit specific exam requirements.

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