Planet EDU, with its headquarters in India is an Educational Services brand that was setup in 2001.

Planet EDU

“be the leading company in the space for Educational Services created in the Post-WTO, Post-Internet continually flattening world."

Planet EDU
We are Global

Large network of about 1,000 Business associates, Enrolment centres, Private training providers / Learning centres, Schools, Universities and Higher education institutions spread across Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and UK.

Planet EDU

We are the Leaders in the field of Secure Examination Management (Computer based & Paper based) having serviced over 1 million individuals.

Planet EDU educational company

The capability of the network is tested to securely administer Pen & Paper Based Tests and examinations on about 15,000 individuals across 42 locations, simultaneously. We also have capabilities to administer Computer Based Tests, on demand, at 120 hrs. notice. We have provided exam administration on about 800,000 candidates.

Our Philosophy

  • Think and act trans-nationally…. deliver locally, anywhere in the world.

  • Customer focused… responding to needs.

  • Eye for detail.

  • Keep innovating… ‘Get better or get beaten’.

  • Use updated technology, including the web space.

  • Continuously acquire new competencies.

  • Be process & systems driven.

  • Use cost effective and scalable operating models.

  • Have simple and quick replication models.

  • Constantly innovate through a strong internal R&D.

  • Design systems for consistency.

  • Understand & accept the need for significant growth.

  • Engage in initiatives for building the platform for growth.

  • Have the ability to develop & support the initiatives.

  • Work with standardisations / Certifications.

Value Proposition

  • One-stop-shop services and solutions.

  • Partnering the project & taking ownership.

  • Looking beyond service…. we look at brand building & positioning.

  • Unique in-house combination to assure high quality delivery.

  • Guaranteed quality control in upstream & downstream operations, through SOPs.

  • Talented, meritorious and experienced group resources.

  • Professional business approach.

  • Technology driven.

  • Fee collection thru secure gateway.

  • Proven track record.

  • Excellent networking capabilities.

  • High ethical and moral values.

  • State of the art secure facilities to manage examination material.

  • Secure printing facility.

  • Test day photography.

  • Bar code and Biometric enabled registration system.

More About Planet EDU

Planet EDU’s operations are highly process and systems drive and centrally managed from Gurgaon in the National Capital Region of Delhi, India. To ensure consistent, quality assured and process driven deliveries of services, the Planet EDU processes are ISO 9001:2008 certificated from DNV, The Netherlands.
ISO Certificate