Marking and Evaluation

Marking and Evaluation of tests using standardised as a centralised outsourced service.

marking evaluation
Centralised marking
we have the facility and experience to mark assessments as per standards defined by the assessment owners / developers in a centralised manner, including receiving of material (post-test), logging-in and distribution, marking and securely storing the material (post-test).
marking evaluation
Monitoring for quality assurance
we have experienced professionals who carry out monitoring of centralised marking as per standards defined by assessment owners / developers to maintain high quality standards.
marking evaluation
Secure management
the entire process of marking, monitoring, storing of material is carried out in a secure environment that is under CCTV camera surveillance of which live feed can be provided to assessment owners for complete transparency of the process.
marking evaluation
we have over 5 years of experience in centralised marking for some of the most respected exams in the world, covering 8 countries in a centralised and secure manner.