Young Learners Tests of English (YLTE)

Young Learners Tests of English (YLTE) are a fun and motivating way to test the English of young learners in the primary and middle grades. The tests cover all four language skills and are developed by CaMLA in association with Cambridge English. The tests provide a clear and transparent assessment from Bronze (beginner) through Silver to Gold (early intermediate). The tests are international, focusing on American English.


YLTE exam
Who is it for?
It is specifically meant to cater to the unique needs of young learners of elementary and middle school age, its assessments and tasks are designed with their needs in mind.
YLTE exam
Why should you take the YLTE exam?
The exam is designed to help young learners gauge their level of English proficiency, it is also unique in that it is meant to serve as a positive and motivating springboard for future English success rather than as an institutional measurement device. Thus the test is intended to help students assess themselves and, in so doing, encourage them to further develop their English skills.

YLTE Format

There are three levels of assessment for the CaMLA YLTE : Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three levels of the speaking tests have similar features such as test formats, test environment, assessment procedures, and the standardization of examiners. The three levels differ in the tasks they ask children to attempt, and the assessment criteria used.

Listening about 20 minutes 4 parts / 20 questions
Reading & Writing 20 minutes 5 parts / 25 questions
Speaking 3 – 5 minutes 5 parts

Listening about 25 minutes 5 parts / 25 questions
Reading & Writing 30 minutes 6 parts / 40 questions
Speaking 5 – 7 minutes 4 parts

Listening about 25 minutes 5 parts / 25 questions
Reading & Writing 40 minutes 7 parts / 50 questions
Speaking 7 – 9 minutes 4 parts