Australian Pharmacy Council

The Australian Pharmacy Council accredits pharmacy schools and programs. The Australian Pharmacy Council also conducts written examinations on behalf of the Pharmacy Board of Australia to assess the qualifications and skills of overseas-trained pharmacists and international students graduating from an Australian pharmacy program to determine their eligibility to become a registered practitioner.

Australian Intern Written Examination

There are five content areas covered by the Australian Intern Written Examination.

The areas covered in the examination are:

Australian Pharmacy Council
Domain 1 (Professional and ethical practice)
  • Practise legally
  • Practise to accepted standards
Australian Pharmacy Council
Domain 4 (Review and supply prescribed medicines)
  • Consider the appropriateness of prescribed medicines
  • Dispense prescribed medicines

Australian Pharmacy Council
Domain 5 (Prepare pharmaceutical products)
  • Consider product requirements
Australian Pharmacy Council
Domain 6 (Deliver primary and preventative health care)
  • Assess primary health care needs
  • Deliver primary health care
  • Contribute to public and preventative health
Australian Pharmacy Council
Domain 7 (Promote and contribute to optimal use of medicines)
  • Contribute to therapeutic decision-making
  • Provide ongoing medication management

Format of the Australian Intern Written Examination

The Australian Intern Written Examination is a computer-delivered examination that contains 125 multiple-choice questions.

Each question will have a stem (a question, phrase or short paragraph) and 4 to 5 possible answers. There is only one correct answer for each question.

The computer will randomise the order of all the questions. However, the 8 Domain 1 questions and 8 Domain 5 questions will always appear in the first sixteen questions of every examination.