Exam Administration

Robust ‘Secure Examination Delivery’ with a proven track record.

secure exams
We deliver some of the world’s most secure exams. Our delivery includes Computer / Internet based administration as well as Paper based.
Educational Assessment Services
Simultaneous Delivery
our network is tested for delivery of secure exams across 50+ locations, spread across 35+ cities.
Educational Assessment Services
IT Enabled Services
an integrated and customised solution covering all activities of test administration. Our solution is developed in-house and includes functionality and features that are unique.
Educational Assessment Services
Trained Staff
we have over 2,500 trained test day staff to manage secure test deliveries including technical staff, invigilators, assessors, markers, examiners, security staff and test day administrators.
Educational Assessment Services
Centralised marking
we have secure storage infrastructure to house paper based exam material and capacity to mark and assess exam responses to defined standards and benchmarks.
Assessment Services
Marketing & Promotion
we have a successful track record of creatively marketing and promoting assessments to the target audience. We have a network of over 500 + associates.
Assessment Services
Pre, During & Post Test Activities
our services pans across the full range of test administration, that covers pre-test, test-day and post-test activities such as marketing & promotion, 24/7 helpdesk, registration & payment, document verification & advance fraud detection, venue management, secure movement and handling of live exam material, test day procedures including CCTV coverage, test day photography, biometric finger scans, barcoded enabled checks, post-test centralised marking, results processing, post-test enquiry and management and secure storage and destruction of test material.